Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As Homelink we are fully aware that we operate in a community were we remain accountable to the community through every business decision we make when we interact with the environment and people.We have aligned our corporate social responsibility with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are also in line with the Governments imperatives. We are inlvolved in areas that stimulate social and economic upliftment which are:

Enterprenural Development, Sports Development, Educational Enhancement, Financial Literacy and Human Welfare

Entrepreneurial Development

Homelink Finance partnered with the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) in the Micro- Enterprises Section for the Harare Agricultural Show which ran from the 27th of August to the 1st of September 2018.

Financial Literacy

Homelink has embarked on financial literacy training for chiefs, women , youth and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Human Welfare

Homelink adopted Shungu Dzevana Trust Children’s Home in Harare and Mustard Seed in Bulawayo.

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