Agribusiness Loans

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Our Agri-business Loans are designed to help farmers and the agricultural value chain grow and succeed. You can use the loans for a variety of purposes, such as purchasing equipment, investing in livestock, expanding operations, or improving infrastructure. Our Agri-business Loans offer you flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates, making them a great option for you to achieve your financial goals.

Agricultural value chain actors
Safari operators/Conservancy
Seed houses
Tobacco merchants


Application letter (stating the amount required, purpose of funds, source of repayment and required/expected terms)
Copy of the order or invoice
Original copies of security to be used as collateral/ Letter of Undertaking
3 months’ bank statements and proof of business operations (sales receipts or invoices)
Detailed company profile (including Memo & Articles, CR 6, CR 14, CR 2, Certificate of Incorporation, Tax Clearance Certificate)
Copies of IDs and Proof of Residence for all the Directors.

If you have any questions about our Agri-business loans or would like to learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always available to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals.

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