Invoice Discounting

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Our Invoice discounting financing option allows you to finance your business against your outstanding invoices which can help you to improve your cash flow and manage your working capital more effectively.

Benefits of our Invoice Discounting

Improved cash flow – you get access to funds before your invoices are paid.
Better working capital management – you can easily get the funds you need to pay suppliers and your running expenses.
No collateral required -Invoice discounting does not require you to provide traditional collateral, making it a more accessible financing option.


Application letter (stating the amount required, purpose of funds, source of repayment and required/expected terms)
Confirmation invoice values and terms
Letter of Undertaking
3 months’ bank statements and proof of business operations (sales receipts or invoices)
Detailed company profile (including Memo & Articles, CR 6, CR 14, CR 2, Certificate of Incorporation, Tax Clearance Certificate)
Copies of IDs and Proof of Residence for all the Directors.
If you have any questions about our Invoice Discounting or would like to learn more about our options, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always available to answer your questions
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